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Things you should not do after a car accident

Being involved in a car accident in North Carolina can leave you shaken up and stressed out. You may not feel like yourself and a bit confused. It is important for you to understand what can happen after your accident so you can take the right steps to lessen the impact it has on your life. 

There are certain things you should not do after a motor vehicle wreck. If you take the wrong actions, you could end up making your situation worse and have your rights infringed upon. Here are some things you should avoid after being in a car accident

Explaining reckless driving in Georgia

Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is a privilege, not a right. That means that a driver's license can be taken away at the discretion of the government if laws are broken repeatedly. It also means that certain groups of people cannot even be issued licenses based on their past. One issue that causes a lot of tragedy is that of reckless driving.

Reckless driving is defined as operating a motor vehicle with disregard for the safety of others. Drivers who are cited with reckless driving receive the charge because they willingly disregarded the laws governing the road, which possibly led to an accident, damaged property or injured another person on the road.

The most dangerous distracted driving habits

One of the biggest problems facing drivers these days is that of distracted driving. Even though drivers have been driving distracted for decades, it has only gotten worse with the introduction of mobile phones and then smartphones. Here are some of the most dangerous distracted driving habits aside from using a phone while driving.

Having a pet in the car can be very distracting, especially if the pet is in the front passenger seat. A pet should always be in the back seat or as close to the rear of the vehicle as possible. If you can transport the pet in a crate, it would be even better for your safety.

How motorcyclists can avoid accidents

Many people who ride motorcycles in North Carolina do it because they love the joy and excitement they feel. They may not think about how that love of fun may put them at a higher risk of being hurt. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, people who drive in cars are 29 times less likely to crash and get hurt than motorcyclists are. 

Motorcycles are one of the most hazardous methods of transportation. However, it is possible for riders to stay safe and avoid crashes by utilizing the following the tips. 

1 injured in car accident involving empty school bus

One person was injured in a car accident involving an empty school bus late in the month of August. The accident occurred on Aug. 30 in Huntersville, North Carolina. The car wound up underneath the rear of the school bus, which did not have any students on it at the time of the accident.

The force of the crash was so strong that it crushed the front half of the car, which was a Volvo. The driver of the Volvo had to be extricated by firefighters from the Huntersville Fire Department. The accident occurred at the intersection of Old Statesville Road and Stumptown Road.

Explaining motor vehicle crash reconstruction

Car accidents occur all too often on the roads of Wilson, North Carolina. Some of them are so severe that law enforcement agencies must perform motor vehicle crash reconstruction in order to determine who was at fault. For the most part, the reconstruction process is used in accidents that resulted in fatalities, or those that might result in fatalities at a later date.

Crash reconstruction is used to determine the circumstances surrounding the crash prior to it occurring. This means that officers will attempt to figure out what led to the crash and how it happened. As officers reconstruct the crash scene, which many times is done at the actual scene, they will use different equations to determine the speed of all vehicles involved and much more.

Common misconceptions you may have about car accidents

You may be under the impression that motor vehicle accidents in North Carolina are easy to deal with if you have insurance. This is just one of many myths that people believe about car accidents. Being misinformed about this type of event can make it harder for you to cope with any personal injuries and car accident-related expenses you may have. 

Do not wait until you are in a car accident to learn the truth. Take some time now to learn about some common car accident myths so you can handle the aftermath right way. 

Tips for safe driving near large trucks

It's understandable that you might get anxious when driving on the roads of North Carolina. Let's be honest here; the traffic can be downright unbearable. With so many accidents being reported on the news each night, it can be a little daunting to hit the road every morning. Here are some tips for safe driving near large trucks.

One of the most important pieces of advice to take to heart when driving near a large truck is to remain out of its blind spots. Driving in the blind spots of a truck can result in tragedy. If you cannot see the driver in the mirror of the truck, the driver likely cannot see you. Blind spots are on all four sides of the truck. Be sure to stay out of them as much as possible in order to protect yourself on the roads of Wilson.

How safe is a Smart Car?

You've likely seen Smart Cars zipping around city streets. They're tiny little vehicles, just barely big enough for two people. They run about five feet from one side to the other and eight feet from bumper to bumper.

You get it. A car like that just sips fuel. People like to save money.

How can I improve my defensive driving skills?

North Carolina has quite a few congested roads. With so many vacation destinations, visitors from all over the country come to the state for its beaches, state parks and much more. So, how can you become a better defensive driver in Wilson?

The best defensive drivers out there scan the road ahead of them, instead of just looking at the car directly in front of them. Scanning the road ahead allows drivers to see what is going on and anticipate any issues they might encounter, such as road hazards, inclement weather, accidents, animals and more.

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