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Man dies when recliner falls from truck in North Carolina

A man died earlier this month when a recliner fell from a truck on US 421 in North Carolina. The accident happened in the northbound lanes of 421 around 10:30 in the morning and involved three vehicles.

According to state troopers, a black truck was towing a trailer when a recliner on the trailer fell off it and landed on the highway. The driver of a red truck noticed the recliner fall off the trailer and stopped his vehicle to avoid hitting it. The red truck was rear-ended by a van before skidding off the road and overturning.

Essential skills for new drivers in North Carolina

Learning how to drive is an important part of everyone's life in North Carolina. With so many highways and backroads, it's easy for one to get lost if they don't know where they are driving. Here are some essential skills for new drivers that should help them feel comfortable when behind the wheel.

A new driver, no matter their age, should learn the vehicle inside and out before going for their first driving lesson. The tutorial should include all of the buttons, safety features and how to change a tire. You never know when any of this will come in handy, which is why preparation is key when driving a vehicle.

Should procedures involved with a DUI charge be questioned?

While driving on North Carolina roads, you give your “implied consent” to a chemical test to determine your blood alcohol content in the event of an arrest on the suspicion of impaired or drunk driving. There are certain rules concerning the test to determine your BAC level.

A lot of information has to be digested when you go through the implied consent law in North Carolina, part of which addresses the procedures required of law enforcement officers and analysts. If you believe your arrest was not conducted properly, or the charge is unfounded, these procedures would be a good starting point for investigation by an attorney.

What do I do when confronted by an aggressive driver?

Aggressive driving is a problem throughout the state of North Carolina. This issue has caused countless accidents, injuries and in the most extreme cases, deaths. Being confronted by an aggressive driver is frightening, stressful and dangerous. So, what do you do when confronted by an aggressive driver? We answer that question to help you stay safe in today's post.

One of the most important things you can do when confronted by an aggressive driver is to put your pride in the backseat. Do not try to go toe-to-toe with this driver. This means you should not speed up to try to keep up with the driver or hold your own against him or her. Doing so can lead to a very tragic accident.

Delayed pain following a North Carolina car accident

Any car accident, no matter how severe, can cause a variety of different injuries for the people involved. It also doesn't matter what type of vehicle you were in when the accident happened for you to suffer an injury. There are instances where the victims of a car accident refuse medical attention at the scene because they don't think they are injured, then days later they begin to feel pain. This is more common than you might think.

Make sure you do not sign a release of liability form following your accident. If you sign this form, you relinquish the right to file a lawsuit or claim against the other driver in the accident should injuries manifest days after the accident. Signing this form could cause you to lose out on compensation for injuries you never knew you had.

How to share the road with commercial vehicles

It seems like every time you turn around, you hear about some unfortunate individuals who have lost their lives in truck accidents in North Carolina. Not all commercial vehicle accidents end with fatalities. However, the mere experience is enough to leave some victims with emotional trauma, injuries and property damage.

With the number of commercial vehicle collisions increasing, you may find yourself wondering what you can do to lower your chances of being involved in one. Here are some suggestions on how you can share the road with commercial vehicle operators to avoid collisions with them. 

Texting and driving and your brain

We've all heard how dangerous it is to text and drive, but not everyone heeds the warnings. Texting and driving has become such an epidemic across the country that states are banning the use of handheld devices while operating a vehicle. Law enforcement agencies are stepping up their patrols looking for violators in an effort to save lives. If you've ever wondered why it is so dangerous, here's a little explanation.

The routine of checking our mobile phones has become such a habit that it has been soft wired into our brains. This happens because we've done it thousands of times just about anywhere we are with the phone in our hands. There no longer is a thought about picking up the phone. Once we get that notification, it's an instant reaction to pick up the phone and look at it.

Teaching your teen how to drive safely

Having a teen driver in the home can be incredibly stressful, especially once he or she is issued his or her driver's license and can legally head out on his or her own in North Carolina. Parents want the best for the children, but they also want them to be as safe as possible. Here are some tips for teaching your teen how to drive safely.

One of the most important things you can teach your teen is to turn off his or her phone and put it out of reach in the glove box. They need to make sure no alert tones can be heard so they are not tempted to look at the phone and use it while behind the wheel.

How to spot a distracted driver in North Carolina

Distracted driving has become a major problem, not only in North Carolina, but across the country. This epidemic really began to take off when cellphones were introduced to the world. Now people are connected to other people every minute of the day and can't seem to put the phone down when behind the wheel. Here are some tips for spotting a distracted driver.

One of the most common signs of distracted driving is that the vehicle near you continually swerves to the left or right of center. The double yellow lines or the white lines that divide lanes make it easy to spot distracted drivers. If a vehicle in front of you continually swerves, it's a good bet that the driver is not paying attention to the road in front of him or her.

You need to make smart decisions after a car crash

A car crash happens unexpectedly; it is a jarring, sometimes devastating experience. In trying to pull yourself together afterward, you are probably not going to be thinking clearly. However, the decisions you make following the accident are going to have significance in the weeks and months ahead.

Remember that the medical help you seek, the notes you take at the crash site and the things you say about the accident will affect any legal case you might have or insurance claim you might submit.

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