Aggressive Defense Against Drug Crimes

The law firm of Farris & Farris, P.A., in Wilson, North Carolina, provides aggressive and highly-skilled legal services for such cases as drug possession, distribution or manufacture. Drug crimes cover a broad range of offenses involving controlled substances, from possession and sale to manufacture and distribution/trafficking.

Prescription Drug Fraud Is a Serious Crime

Good people who have been prescribed a medicine can become addicted and end up being investigated or arrested for prescription fraud. We understand how to best defend you from charges of prescription fraud and will negotiate with prosecutors and work hard to have your charges dropped or reduced. Depending on the facts of your case, you may only be ordered to a diversionary program rather than jail or prison time. Drug counseling and/or a rehabilitation program may be ordered to treat the addiction you have.

We Work Hard to Protect the Rights of Those Accused of Drug Crimes

Depending on the unique circumstances of a case, drug offenses can result in potential criminal and administrative consequences, including community service, probation, prison, property forfeiture and court-ordered drug treatment. We have vast experience in defending a broad range of drug charges, to the benefit of our clients.

Drug crime convictions can result in huge fines, sometimes as much as $50,000. Though more severe drug charges typically result in harsher penalties, even less serious charges, such as possession of a small amount of a controlled substance, may have severe consequences, especially if prior convictions, firearms, activity near protected zones (e.g., schools and parks), or minors are involved. Smaller drug offenses can affect your ability to find gainful employment and can result in housing limitations.

Fight Your Drug Charges. Contact Our Firm Today.

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