Defending Against Felony Charges

All criminal charges should be taken seriously as a conviction will likely lead to a range of related penalties, including incarceration, fines and a criminal record. However, individuals who are facing felony charges must be especially careful when contemplating their options and selecting a criminal defense attorney.

Felony charges are among the most serious of all criminal charges, and individuals who are convicted of a felony in Wilson and throughout North Carolina often serve time in prison, are subject to strict probationary terms and are stripped of other important civil rights. When you select Farris & Farris, P.A., to defend your case, our experienced defense attorneys give you and your case the time and attention needed to build a strong and effective defense strategy.

Fight Felony Charges

We represent individuals throughout North Carolina who are facing a wide range of felony charges, including:

  • Drug charges
  • Sexual assault
  • Habitual DWI
  • Robbery
  • Homicide and murder
  • White collar crimes

When it comes to building your defense strategy, there are many factors that must be closely examined and taken into consideration. In addition to the criminal charges you currently face, things like your age, life circumstances and whether you have prior convictions; can also play a role and positively affect the outcome of your case.

A Strong Legal Advocate You Can Trust

The criminal defense attorney you choose to represent you matters. When your freedom and future are at stake, choose an attorney who has a proven track record of helping clients overcome the legal obstacles they face.

Call a lawyer at 252-360-1339, toll free at 888-569-0691 or contact us online. We are here to answer your questions, provide advice and represent you and your best interests in court.