Eminent Domain: Know Your Rights

For individuals, families and businesses facing property seizure through condemnation, also known as eminent domain, the confusion and consequences can be detrimental. If you or someone you know is having their land taken by the State of North Carolina or another government entity, contact Farris & Farris, P.A., for help in being properly compensated.

What Is Eminent Domain?

Government entities have the power to seize private property for their land-use purposes, including urban development. Built into that authority is the responsibility to provide just compensation to landowners. However, often the entity is more concerned about project development than the consequences on families and businesses. What they consider "just compensation" may not be adequate for your needs.

If you are facing property loss through eminent domain, there are two main points to remember:

  • You are not required to accept what you are offered
  • Your interests will be better served by obtaining an attorney

The lawyers at Farris & Farris work to help property owners maximize just compensation and minimize the time of financial recovery. We want to help you successfully move forward, and we are ready to help you obtain the compensation you need.

Get Just Compensation for Your Property, Call Our Firm Today

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