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North Carolina saw many million-dollar personal injury lawsuits

It is rare, but not impossible, for an injury to happen because someone else did not do their job. Untidy supermarkets and impeded stairways are prime territories for slip-and-fall accidents, which can cause more serious injury than originally appears.

North Carolina saw a big year for people claiming financial damages after they were injured on a property for which someone else was responsible. A legal trade publication reported that at least 38 civil actions in which a settlement or verdict resulted in payout above $1 million in value.

Motorcyclist killed in Fayetteville accident

If you give a motorcycle a break by braking, you are doing more than offering courtesy. You may be saving a life. When a motorcycle is involved in a traffic accident, the bike's driver and any passengers are at far more risk for injury or death than the occupants of a car or truck.

North Carolina's traffic bureaus and law enforcement agencies do their best to warn drivers to look out for motorcycles, as they are more difficult to spot on the road. But the Tar Heel State still has a disturbing number of fatal motorcycle accidents. A recent one in Fayetteville has also resulted in criminal charges against a driver who may be responsible.

What do you do after a car accident in North Carolina?

Most car accidents that don't involve an injury or the loss of a rare automobile become funny stories more than anything else. But some Tar Heels may be surprised to learn their responsibilities in even minor collisions, which could become an unexpected legal hassle.

Who should be my first call after an accident?

You survived a crash, but what about the damage to your car?

Following a car crash, your first responsibility is to check yourself and your passengers for injuries. If everyone is all right, you can then check your car for damage.

Even if the accident was a relatively minor rear-end collision, your car could sustain hundreds or thousands of dollars' worth of damage. What are your next steps?

How can drivers prevent the most common truck crashes?

So many trucks are on the roads of North Carolina that you could drive from Wrightsville Beach to the Great Smoky Mountains surrounded by them. If you spend a lot of time near trucks, you may be interested in the most common types of truck crashes as well as how to avoid them.

What are the leading causes of truck accidents involving other vehicles?

Workers' compensation fought with extreme measures by an insurer

Many workers spend all of each day concerned for their safety. Construction workers, emergency service personnel and other people in dangerous professions face larger hazards than office workers or delivery people. More than half of workers' compensation money in the United States annually goes to members of the top five most dangerous industries.

Property owners, lessees of business real estate and managers of public spaces in North Carolina often carry insurance to protect their assets against claims for personal injury or other forms of liability. These policies often come into play if an injured person feels the need to sue for financial damages, but some insurance companies can push back.

Motorcyclist killed by loose cargo on truck

Anyone who has seen a brick or piece of lumber lodged in a windshield has received a lesson in following too close behind an unsecured load. Heavy trucks and construction vehicles can cause road hazards, and drivers should always leave enough distance to stop before they are struck by them.

Motorcycles face this problem with greater risk, as bikes even lack the protection of a windshield. The popularity of both semis and bikes in the Tar Heel State can cause problems when cargo strikes a wheel or frame. Bikers know to leave extra distance behind trucks, but that was not enough in a recent incident in Watauga County.

How and why is texting while driving illegal in North Carolina?

Every driver knows it's a bad idea to operate a car while distracted or trying to do something else. But that doesn't stop many Tar Heels from using their cellphones while driving. The danger is far greater than a possible ticket because distracted driving can cost thousands in damages or even lives in the worst circumstances.

What is the law that controls texting while driving?

Common causes of trucking accidents can be avoided

Truck accidents are less common than passenger car collisions, but they tend to be far more dangerous. The sheer size, weight of a moving truck can cause tornado-like damage and injury to people near an accident. North Carolina, which has several interstate highways and many other roads, is a hot zone of truck transport where people must be vigilant.

Information about the most common types of truck accidents can help drivers in and near these large vehicles on the road avoid the worst case scenario. The leading cause of collisions is driver error on the part of either truckers or other drivers nearby.

The difference between road rage and aggressive driving

At certain times of the day, you may see traffic backing up on freeways or other highways leading to and from business districts, popular shopping areas or military bases.

In tense, slow situations, drivers often become impatient. Some exhibit aggressive driving behavior, while others are guilty of road rage.


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