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What does a basic motorcycle rider course offer?

If you are interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle you should consider enrolling in a basic rider course. These courses are available all over the Wilson, North Carolina, area. They are meant to teach both novice and experienced riders different techniques and safety procedures. So, what does a basic motorcycle rider course offer? Let's take a look at some of the exercises taught in one of these classes.

Familiarization with a motorcycle is one of the first exercises offered in a basic rider course. This exercise teaches new riders how to perform an inspection prior to riding, how to locate and operate important controls, learn mounting and dismounting techniques and show the best posture for riding.

Drowsy driving results in a risk of serious crashes

Everyone has done it. You've gone without enough sleep, but you still have to get to work or school. You get behind the wheel while you're still waking up. You're not paying attention, because you're tired.

You feel rushed, obligated to be on time and can't make excuses, so you get behind the wheel of your vehicle despite being in no shape to do so. This can, and does, lead to crashes.

Head-on crash injures 2 who must be airlifted to hospital

A multi-vehicle crash injured two women who had to be airlifted to local hospitals in Alexander County late in the month of January. The accident occurred on Highway 16, shutting down the road for a lengthy period as investigators examined the scene. There were at least three heavily damaged vehicles involved in the wreck, which occurred before 11 a.m., on the morning of Monday, Jan. 29.

According to police, it is believed that one of the drivers involved in the crash crossed the median of the roadway in an effort to avoid another car that was making a left turn in front of it. The car that crossed the highway crashed into a vehicle that was traveling on Highway 16 in the southbound lanes. The car that was slammed into southbound wound up on top of a guardrail.

Damages stemming from a truck accident

Trucks are the backbone of the United States economy. The more trucks you see on the roads of North Carolina, the better the economy is performing. Despite them being a big part of the economy, trucks are also a big danger to other motorists. Getting into a truck accident in a smaller vehicle can be devastating. Let's take a look at the damages that stem from a truck accident.

One of the most common damages that victims of truck accidents recover include those for medical expenses. Even if your injury is not severe, you can still recover compensation for medical bills. Any length of stay in the hospital can be an expensive one, even with insurance. The various tests performed can reach the thousands of dollars.

Who can I sue if I'm injured during the winter on black ice?

During the winter months, the weather can often be unpredictable. In just a matter of days, temperatures can drop from the 50s down to the teens with a cold front. Before you know it, rain becomes sleet or snow.

Unless temperatures get warm enough for roadways to dry up before night falls, you'll likely find yourself having to be on the lookout for sheets of black ice in the following days.

3 steps for handling drivers with road rage

Driving is risky enough with weather hazards, poor road conditions and potential auto defects. Factoring in driver error makes hitting the road even more dangerous, and adding intense emotions is the last straw.

Unfortunately, road rage is a common occurrence across the nation. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a study that revealed 80 percent of drivers were guilty of at least one instance of aggression or anger a year, with a portion expressing their rage through extreme measures. Numbers also show a sharp increase in road rage incidents involving guns, reports the New York Times. With such a high risk of facing another driver's road rage and the possibility of deadly consequences, you need to know what to do in this type of situation to avoid accident and injury. Just remember these three Rs:

How technology can limit distractions while driving

Distracted driving is one of the most dangerous activities a person can partake in on the roads of North Carolina and across the country. Automakers, technology companies, law enforcement agencies and other entities are working hard to reduce the number of incidents involving these distractions. Ironically, this includes the use of technology to curb distracted driving habits.

The latest technology in use today involves blocking the use of a mobile phone while driving. This can be done using a setting on most mobile phones that stops all notifications from activating while the person is driving. This includes blocking emails, texts, social media alerts, use of the internet and incoming and outgoing calls.

Explaining motorcycle insurance coverage options

If you've finally decided it's time to buy a motorcycle,then you should know and understand the types of motorcycle insurance coverage options available. Having insurance coverage for your motorcycle is required by law, just like it is for a car, truck, van or any other motor vehicle. Today, we will discuss the various motorcycle insurance coverage options in North Carolina.

Collision and comprehensive coverage are two items that should be included in your motorcycle insurance policy. These items protect your bike should you be the cause of an accident. It also protects your helmet and apparel that are damaged in an accident. The comprehensive part of the coverage helps pay to repair or replace your motorcycle if it is damaged by natural causes or is stolen.

Signs of traumatic brain injury after an auto accident

People suffer injuries from auto accidents every day. When the incident was the fault of the other driver, an auto accident claim can help the victim gain compensation for the pain and suffering.

A key aspect of a successful claim is being able to prove the injury truly exists. In the case of traumatic brain injuries, there are certain signs to be aware of.

An alleged drunk driver hits a tree in Benson, kills passenger

A 33-year-old Wilson, North Carolina, woman lost her life early in the morning on Friday, Dec. 8, when the driver of the van she was traveling in lost control of it, crashing it into a large oak tree.

The fatal car crash happened just outside of Benson in the southern portion of Johnston County, North Carolina. It was reported at around 5:30 a.m., by a passing motorist, although residents in the area reported hearing a thunderous bang as early as midnight. It's believed the crash could have originally happened then.

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