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Officer may have been distracted by screen before accident

New lines of cars contain media consoles, docks for cellphones and other means to inform and comfort drivers at rates never seen before in the auto industry. But the issue with these features is that it is also easier than ever for drivers to be distracted from the road, where their attention should always be while a car is in motion.

A police department in a North Carolina city reported that one of their officers was involved in a collision with another car after he checked his in-car computer. The interaction with a screen led the officer to fail to notice stopped traffic in front of him, and he struck the car in front of him while traveling around 35 miles per hour. Both cars in the collision were damaged with costs in the thousands.

Are trucks getting safer or more dangerous to other drivers?

North Carolina holds significant risk for drivers on several interstate highways. One of the most common factors in deadly highway accidents is the presence of trucks, which can cause severe damage or injury in cars that are far smaller and lighter.

Are trucks getting safer?

How do I manage a personal injury someone else caused?

The leading causes of injury aren't going anywhere. Care and vigilance are always the best ways to avoid injury, but there are always options for people who cannot manage to escape from a serious event unscathed.

What are the leading causes of personal injury in North Carolina?

Most North Carolina bike crashes involve other vehicles

Motorcycles are very popular in North Carolina, as they provide riders with excellent views of the natural beauty in the state as well as speed and convenience in traffic jams around Charlotte and Raleigh. With the large number of bikes on the roads, drivers owe themselves and others to keep an eye out for the vehicles.

Following the rules of the road and maintaining vigilance are the best ways the avoid potential accidents. Driving under the influence of alcohol or driving while distracted are often indicators of fatal crashes, but excessive speed may also factor into a tragic error affecting nearby drivers.

Car accident results in charges for 16-year-old driver

From high-speed interstate highways to the paths winding through the Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina has every type of road. That gives the state the potential for all sort of accidents, from nearly harmless fender benders to multi-vehicle wrecks. There are also all sorts of reasons for accidents, but a lack of experience and speed are some of the most common factors in deadly car accidents.

The early stages of learning to drive can be hazardous. Older drivers with more time behind the wheel often have a better feel for the road when it comes to getting cars to navigate obstacles and negotiate curves. They also usually know when it's necessary to slow down a little. While it's unclear exactly what caused a fatal crash in Huntersville involving a 16-year-old driver that hit an SUV carrying three people, the odds are high that age and speed may have been factors.

How car crumple zones help you survive a crash

You cannot predict what that SUV speeding toward the intersection you are about to enter will do. You have the light, but the SUV is not slowing down.

This looks like the perfect setting for a T-bone crash, but the crumple zones built into your late-model sedan will distribute the force of impact and help you survive.

Truck accident affects 8 cars in North Carolina parking lot

It is one of a car owner's worst nightmares to come back to a parking space and find their ride gone. It is not as bad as being in a car when something bad happens to it, but it is still unnerving or at the very least an inconvenience.

Some shoppers in Salisbury returned to their parking spaces to find their cars scattered across the lot after a truck jumped a curb and careened towards a grocery store during a recent lunch hour. The flatbed truck hit a total of eight vehicles, pushing one of them through a window into the store.

Do I have a case for personal injury in North Carolina?

If a person or family member has been suddenly injured or taken ill, there is always one priority: getting help and getting better. But some medical problems can cause a lot of bills and a lot of debt, and it is hard to deal with something that is not the fault of the victim. These needs can lead some people to panic, but it leads some smart people to a personal injury lawsuit.

How do I know if I have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit?

What are the most common types of motorcycle accidents?

There are a lot of things, from weather to traffic, that can spoil a good day's ride. But nothing ends it like an accident. There are few types of motorcycle accidents from which a driver and passenger can walk away whole, so prevention matters even more than it does for car and truck drivers.

What is the most common type of motorcycle accident?


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