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Interstate ramp accident takes one life

A driver who was allegedly speeding caused a deadly accident in North Carolina.

According to authorities, the driver was exceeding the speed limit on University City Boulevard in Charlotte while behind the wheel of a Hyundai Genesis. A police officer spotted him and turned on his lights, but the man refused to stop. Police decided not to pursue and turned the lights off again.

Distracted driving continues to claim North Carolina lives

Next time you walk down the road in North Carolina, take a moment to look at the drivers passing you and see if you can spot any using phones, putting on makeup or otherwise engaging in distracted driving-related behaviors. Chances are, you will spot more than a few motorists who are not paying close attention to the task at hand because distracted driving continues to be a growing problem across the state and around the nation.

Just how severe is North Carolina’s distracted driving problem?

5 reasons for accidents that are built into the trucking industry

Truck accidents are among the most dangerous types of wrecks in the United States. Because of their size and weight, trucks that lose control are an incredible danger to others on the road.

The reasons for accidents vary, including everything from poor weather conditions to road defects to simple mistakes made by the drivers. Below are a few reasons that are connected to the overall culture of the trucking industry itself.

  • Drivers have to choose between safety and productivity due to their pay structure. If they're paid by the mile, for instance, they can earn more by breaking rules and driving when they need to stop and sleep.
  • Some experts say that carriers create these payment issues since their margins are thin.
  • Truck drivers have to work long hours. Even staying within the guidelines, they could be on the road for longer than the eight hours most other types of employees spend at work.
  • The pay is simply not that good. Not only does this make truckers look for ways to earn more, but it also means that turnover rates are fairly high.
  • Since turnover rates are high, due to low pay, long hours and working in a strenuous profession, that means a lot of truck drivers on the road have very little experience. Many of the experienced drivers are leaving the industry, and inexperienced replacements may be more likely to make those critical mistakes.

Do motorcycles deserve their dangerous reputation?

If you ask the average person if it's more dangerous to ride in a car or ride a motorcycle, he or she is likely going to pick the motorcycle. They have a reputation not just for fast top speeds and excitement, but for increasing the odds that a person will be injured or killed in an accident. Is this reputation warranted?

It is. Statistics show motorcycle fatalities massively outpace car fatalities. In fact, one study said that there were 26 times as many motorcycle deaths in one year, when looking at the number of fatalities per miles driven.

Why is accident frequency higher than ever?

Do you feel like you can't turn on the news without seeing stories about car accidents, often leading to serious injuries and death? Do you feel like you see car accidents every time you drive around town, even if they're minor?

You're not imagining it. Reports indicate that accident frequency has been higher than ever in recent years, rising dramatically. Insurance experts note that the severity of accidents has also been on the rise.

The post office tells drivers not to back up

Employees of the United States Postal Service are warned by the agency itself about the dangers of backing up while on the job. While there are times when it can't be avoided, such as backing a truck into a dock, most instances where it happens during daily routes can be avoided. And, according to the USPS, they absolutely should be.

For instance, if a driver misses a mailbox and has to go back, he or she should simply get out of the vehicle and walk back, rather than backing down the road, against traffic.

How working the graveyard shift increases car accident risk

People who work the third shift in the Wilson area are probably no strangers to operating their vehicles while tired. These motorists are not alone. Many people drive while drowsy, not realizing the dangers it poses for them on the roads. 

Drowsy driving is just as risky as driving drunk. The chances of crashing a vehicle into something or someone and causing multi-vehicle accidents are much higher than normal. Here is a brief overview of the dangers of sleep-impaired driving. 

Tips for handling aggressive drivers

Aggressive drivers are everywhere. In the best cases, they take dangerous risks and they always seem like they're on the very edge of control. In the worst cases, it escalates to road rage and accidents happen.

If you encounter one, here are a few tips that may help:

  1. Remember that you are in control of your own emotions and responses.
  2. Do everything in your power to keep from escalating an already bad situation.
  3. Ignore the other driver when possible. For instance, do not even look over if someone is yelling at you when you both stop for a red light.
  4. Try not to make eye contact. This make come off as aggressive and can anger the other driver.
  5. Stay in your car. You never want to get out, which can escalate the situation and/or put you at risk if that driver hits you with the car.
  6. Be forgiving. Remember that you do not know what other factors are in play. Maybe that driver is acting aggressive and angry for personal reasons. Do not take it personally yourself.
  7. Leave room between you and other cars around you. If anyone else gets out of a car and comes toward you, you may need to drive away.
  8. If drastic action needs to be taken, do not take it yourself. Use your cellphone to call 911. Let the authorities deal with the person.

Woman and child killed when dump truck crosses center line

A woman and her young son were both killed in a car accident in North Carolina. According to the North Carolina Highway Patrol, a dump truck crossed over the center line and slammed into their car.

The mother and child were in a 2002 Honda Accord, driving down U.S. Highway 258. They were heading north, while the dump truck was coming south. This was right around 9:15 a.m. That's when the dump truck apparently drifted into their lane and hit them.

Tips for safe motorcycle riding in the spring months

Spring is drawing closer every day, and it's a dangerous season for motorcycle riders. Drivers often forget about motorcycles in the colder months of the year, and they'll forget how to drive safely around them. Accidents can spike when both parties are not careful.

With that in mind, here are some key tips to help you ride safely this spring.

  • Work hard to become more visible. Remember that drivers may not see you and may not be looking for you. Bright clothing can help, as can reflective clothing. Headlights and taillights also help, and should be on at all times.
  • Stay out of blind spots. You're going to pass through them, but don't sit in them. Stay where you know drivers can see you.
  • Don't be afraid to use the horn. If a driver starts doing something suspicious, like edging over as if he's about to merge into your lane, lay on the horn.
  • Remember that drivers aren't the only danger. Spring weather often brings potholes, cracks and other road hazards. Watch out for them when you ride.
  • Look out for any debris on the pavement, like loose gravel.
  • Always use turn signals, even when you're just changing lanes. Some riders use hand signals as well.
  • Drive defensively. You have a right to safety on the highways of North Carolina, but that doesn't mean you'll always get it. Watch for hazards at all times and be prepared to react when other drivers make mistakes.

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