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Common causes of trucking accidents can be avoided

Truck accidents are less common than passenger car collisions, but they tend to be far more dangerous. The sheer size, weight of a moving truck can cause tornado-like damage and injury to people near an accident. North Carolina, which has several interstate highways and many other roads, is a hot zone of truck transport where people must be vigilant.

Information about the most common types of truck accidents can help drivers in and near these large vehicles on the road avoid the worst case scenario. The leading cause of collisions is driver error on the part of either truckers or other drivers nearby.

The difference between road rage and aggressive driving

At certain times of the day, you may see traffic backing up on freeways or other highways leading to and from business districts, popular shopping areas or military bases.

In tense, slow situations, drivers often become impatient. Some exhibit aggressive driving behavior, while others are guilty of road rage.

North Carolina sees $38 million in settlements in 2017

People can get hurt in all sorts of accidents, from slipping and falling at a supermarket to suffering an injury at work. Although roads and other public property are the sites of many accidents that cause injuries, private property owners and managers of businesses are always trying to keep pathways clear and hazards under control.

It's often too late to prevent an injury once someone has discovered a problem, and a claim for financial damages is often the only option to make victims whole. North Carolina, for example, saw 38 cases in 2017 in which a claim was settled for $1 million or more.

Motorcyclist sues government over bump in the Blue Ridge Parkway

Accidental collisions with motorcycles are often disastrous but also understandable. Bikes have half the visible profile of cars and less protection for the person or people on it. A careless or distracted driver could be the end of a biker. However, not all motorcycle wrecks involve other vehicles.

A South Carolina couple is claiming that the husband suffered severe injuries due to improper road maintenance. The man was riding his motorcycle on the Blue Ridge Parkway near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in 2016 when he hit a bump, sending the man off the road. He suffered broken ribs and a punctured lung.

Victim of North Carolina accident receives financial settlement

Car accidents can inconvenience people, but serious ones may change lives. A freshman at a major North Carolina university suffered a setback when she was struck by a car in an intersection. She was running for exercise when a sedan hit her head-on.

Although the driver was going the speed limit and not charged with a crime, the 45-year-old driver of the sedan recently completed an undisclosed settlement with the family of the victim. He maintains that he had a green light in his lane and was not able to see the victim before striking her.

Major truck accident on I-40 claims at least 3 lives

With several interstate highways and countless other byways, it often seems all roads lead to North Carolina. Strong agricultural and industrial sectors mean there are a lot of trucks bringing materials and finished goods to and from the state's centers. But this also poses risk to Tar Heels when trucks are carelessly operated.

A collision of commercial vehicles became the source of a massive accident that killed at least three people and injured several others on Interstate 40 in Johnston County. Officers with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol said that a utility truck failed to slow down when approaching a tractor-trailer in stopped traffic.

Emotional consequences of car accidents

A car crash is a sudden and traumatizing experience. Your car accident may do more than injure you physically–it may give you emotional trauma too. You may initially experience shock and then a variety of emotions like sadness, anger and anxiety. You may even suffer PTSD after a motor vehicle collision.

It is normal to struggle with your mental health after a wreck. Here are some emotions you may experience in the days, weeks and months following your car accident.

Accident in North Carolina park causes guest injuries

If you're doing business of any kind from buying groceries to purchasing a car, you want to feel safe on a business' premises. North Carolina law has adapted over time from the frontier spirit of "let the buyer beware" to a string of laws and statutes that protect the customers of businesses and visitors to others' properties.

There are a variety of ways that the owner or manager of a business or premises may be found negligent in causing a person's injury. A driver may be negligent if he or she texts while driving because that constitutes an unsafe environment near the car. In the same way, an owner is negligent if a failure to fix or be aware of a premises problem causes injury.

Soldier killed in Fayetteville bike accident

The open roads and many scenic vistas in North Carolina make the state very attractive to drivers of all kinds. Nothing quite beats a motorcycle as the way to get around the natural beauty of the Tar Heel State.

Unfortunately, a variety of factors can lead to a lack of safety for motorcycle drivers and riders. The profile of bikes is narrower than cars and trucks, so drivers are less likely to see them in time to prevent a collision. Some favorite maneuvers of bikers, such as splitting lanes, may also lead to a disaster involving injury or even death.

Massive 9-car crash leaves 3 dead and vehicles on fire

Interstate 40 in North Carolina was recently the site of a massive accident in which nine cars were involved. Pictures from the scene showed some of the cars burning on the side of the road. So far, three people have died from the injuries they suffered in the wreck.

Although police did not give out the names of any of the people who got hurt or passed away, they did confirm that six people suffered injuries. Two people passed away while still at the crash site. One person's injuries were catastrophic enough that they died in the medical center after being taken from the scene.


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