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October 2013 Archives

Chris Brown arrested and faces criminal charges

Tabloid news outlets are buzzing after Chris Brown’s latest arrest. The R&B singer was arrested over the weekend in Washington, D.C. According to a number of media reports, Brown and one of his bodyguards allegedly assaulted a photographer who tried to snap a photo as Brown was exiting a hotel in downtown D.C.

Ride starts without notice, criminal charges filed

Rides at the North Carolina State Fair are supposed to provide unique, thrilling and fun experiences. While riders are suspended in mid-air, they are ultimately supposed to return to earth safe and sound. Unfortunately, five people at the fair were injured when a ride they were boarding suddenly started without warning.

Judge charged with batter after argument over dog waste

It is not common for a sitting judge to be charged with a crime. After all, judges are carefully vetted and held to high ethical standards, as they are trusted with the responsibility of interpreting laws and determining who will prevail in civil (and criminal) proceedings. Nevertheless, it happens. When it does, it can be very embarrassing and disappointing at the same time.

Couple riding motorcycle killed by driver

While it may go without saying that motorcycle riders must be vigilant in looking out for drivers, sometimes tragedies occur that end up being ominous reminders of the dangers that exist for riders on North Carolina roads. A husband and wife were killed in an accident when the motorcycle they were riding on was struck from behind by a pickup truck.

Suspected robber incriminated by Internet searches

In the movies, bank robberies are intricate schemes pulled off by sophisticated, yet flawed individuals who go to great lengths to avoid being caught by police. These elements make for great storytelling and iconic scenes (and sayings). In real life, however, bank heists are commonly conducted by people who are anything but criminal masterminds.

New eyeglass smartphone could pose distracted driving risk

The upcoming release of Samsung’s new smart watch has tech geeks buzzing with excitement. It has all the capabilities of a smartphone, but on a person’s wrist. The commercials highlighting iconic television and movie characters talking into their wrists, followed by a modern day person doing the same thing is likely to generate a mainstream audience.

Man suspected managing online drug ring arrested

Many people have never heard of Dread Pirate Roberts unless they are fans of the cult classic "The Princess Bride." After the arrest of Ross Ulbricht on Tuesday, the name has essentially become a household name. Ulbricht is accused of using the character name as a cover to orchestrate one of the largest online drug rings in American history.

Bus accident leaves a church from Statesville shaken

A bus accident that occurred on I-40 in Tennessee has left the town of Statesville in mourning. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the bus carrying a North Carolina church group allegedly crossed the center median and veered into oncoming traffic. The bus reported hit a Chevy Tahoe before striking an oncoming tractor-trailer. The truck was quickly engulfed in flames, while the bus was turned over onto its side, which smashed many of the windows shielding passengers. 


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