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Best tips for motorcycle rider visibility

If you ride a motorcycle, you know how free and easy it feels cruising along in the open air. However, given the number of cars and trucks that share the open road with you, defensive driving is a must. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has developed a process called "SEE," which stands for Search, Evaluate and Execute. In other words, be on the lookout for anything that could affect your safety and control as a biker, anticipate road conditions and the behavior of motorists, and be ready to make the right move, because you may have only a second to react to a potentially dangerous situation. Along with these recommendations, here are four useful tips to help you stay safe.

Should lane-splitting be legal?

The debate about whether or not lane-splitting should be legal seems to have dragged on for years. While North Carolina's laws do not specifically condone or banish the practice, some states are beginning to officially accept the maneuver as legal and publish guides on how to do it safely. New studies support the move and explain why lane-splitting may not be as bad as many people believe.

Not all motorcycle accidents are the biker's fault!

Motorcycle accidents are horrific accidents that can cause serious injuries or death to the motorcyclist. In these accidents, people will sometimes wrongfully accuse the motorcyclist of driving in an unsafe manner. The truth is that there are many motorcycle accidents that are caused by the driver of the car or truck that slammed into the motorcycle. We know that many motorcylists drive in a safe manner. We also understand how particularly devastating a motorcycle accident can be on a person's life and finances.

Serious injuries can be caused by abrasion in a motorcycle crash

If someone pulls out in front of you while you're riding your motorcycle and you slam into the side of the car, you can suffer tons of serious injuries, from internal lacerations to broken bones to a traumatic brain injury. But what if you swerve to avoid the wreck or fly over the car, striking nothing but the road's surface? Is that going to leave you with only minor injuries?

Do you understand the causes of motorcycle accidents?

Motorcyclists don't want to think about being involved in an accident, as they realize this can lead to serious injury or even death. Even so, every motorcyclist should be aware of common causes of accidents, as this allows them to take steps toward a safer experience on the road.

Fight prejudice against bikers when you seek compensation

The seriousness of semi-truck accidents was highlighted in our previous blog post. If you recall, we discussed the accident in which a semi-truck driver might have fallen asleep at the wheel of the large truck prior to crashing into a group of six bikers who were parked on the side of the road. Of those six bikers, four were injured and two died.

Sleep may have played a role in grisly truck vs. motorcycle crash

On July 19, authorities in Guilford County, North Carolina, say that a tractor-trailer accident involving a group of motorcyclists caused the death of two people and injured four others. Investigators suspect that the driver of a semi-truck may have fallen asleep while driving before plowing into a group of six motorcyclists who were parked alongside of I-85.

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

Spring is in full bloom, and summer is beginning to make its first appearance in North Carolina, and the month of May also marks the official start of motorcycle season. Every year, May is designated as Motorcycle Awareness Month as police and other officials urge drivers to look twice and always check for motorcycles sharing the road.

Actions that contribute to a motor vehicle accident

It is hard for some people to understand there are drivers who act in a negligent manner. They don't care about what is going on around them. All they care about is driving how they want, ensuring that they make it from point A to point B on their own terms.


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