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Harsh penalties for cocaine-related convictions in North Carolina

Drug charges in North Carolina come with some harsh penalties. All cocaine charges in North Carolina are felony charges that come with the possibility of time in prison. Even a possession of cocaine conviction means that you are facing time in jail.

Strict heroin laws apply to criminal cases in North Carolina

Heroin is a very dangerous drug. It is so dangerous that it is the subject of some of the toughest drug laws across the country. North Carolina law considers all criminal charges involving heroin to be felony charges. That means that if you are convicted of having even a small amount of heroin in your possession, you will have a felony record and can face time in prison.

What are the marijuana laws in North Carolina?

Marijuana is a drug that seems to stay in the news these days. Some states are making recreational marijuana legal. Other states are making medical marijuana legal. Some other states are decriminalizing marijuana. North Carolina is one of the states that has taken steps to decriminalize marijuana, but there are still penalties for marijuana convictions.

History of drug war in America traces the past

Getting a drug charge in North Carolina can be such a negative thing. You can lose your job because you have been charged with possession; you can alienate your family who have been there for you in the past. You can even have a record if the charge sticks. You aren't the first person to be charged with possessing or trafficking drugs. As a matter of fact, there is a long history that goes back to the 1960s of drug abuse in America.

2 arrested for drug trafficking in North Carolina

Many people believe that drug use is the root of many other crimes, including assaults, robberies and other violent crimes. Because of this, news stories about drug crimes and drug arrests are popular with various media outlets, but this can have very negative repercussions for the alleged offenders.

Protection from severe drug charges when calling 911

Did you know that more young and middle-age people (ages 25 to 64) pass away accidentally because of overdoses than in car accidents? These overdoses could come from the use of illegal drugs or even legal drugs, such as alcohol. For many, this is a startling statistic.

Officials net 17 convictions in prescription drugs sting

In the aftermath of a law enforcement sting called Operation Pill Crusher, 17 North Carolina residents received convictions last week. Reportedly, the operation was conducted over a months-long period that originally netted more than 80 arrests. The 17 defendants convicted last week each made a plea of guilty to the drug charges. No further information was provided about the rest of the people the police originally arrested.

Defending yourself against marijuana charges in North Carolina

Drug offenses are serious regardless of your location, but southern states like North Carolina take an especially aggressive approach to drug charges. While each case is unique, the best way to combat such charges is by taking an equally aggressive approach to building a defense, particularly when a case has extenuating circumstances. Since marijuana is one of the most heavily-used substances in the United States, it's important to understand the possible consequences when trying to build a good defense.

Support for North Carolina man facing criminal drug charge

In Hendersonville, North Carolina, a public display of support has been taking place for a man facing criminal drug charges. The owner and operator of the "Blue Ridge Medical Cannabis Research Corporation" claims law enforcement personnel conducted a raid on his business in 2013, seizing his marijuana plants and charging him with possession and trafficking of the substance.


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