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North Carolina pedestrians rarely feel safe

Do you feel safe walking around the roads and streets of North Carolina? If you don't, you have a lot in common with your neighbors. It often turns out that states and towns that rely more on cars for transportation are less accommodating for pedestrians, and the Tar Heel State is no exception.

Lawsuits target maker of earplugs that may have been faulty

Police officers, construction workers and many other professionals who put their lives and safety on the line at work struggle with the risks they encounter. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is often specifically designed to protect people and their senses from damage or destruction due to threats on the job.

When is an injury someone else' fault in North Carolina?

It is difficult enough to accept injuries that are caused by ourselves or no one at all. It can be harder to get through harm that other people visited upon us, even when it is by accident. No one wants to have to "go after" a person or organization for damages after an injury, but it is sometimes the right thing to do.

Birth control device lawsuit will stay in North Carolina courts

People cause injury or illness to each other all the time, generally by accident. Minor mistakes can be easily excused by a sound mind, but some injuries are too great to bear alone. When people or companies seriously endanger health or life, they must answer for these actions. That is the issue at stake in a group of lawsuits involving a birth control device.

Dramatic basketball game may lead to product liability suit

The idea of a social contract is more than an idea when it comes to product liability. Faulty units or designs in commercially available items can cause serious damage or severe injuries for users in their homes. As a result, most manufacturers and operators of poor products are often legally liable for the damage or pain they cause.

Do I have a case for personal injury in North Carolina?

If a person or family member has been suddenly injured or taken ill, there is always one priority: getting help and getting better. But some medical problems can cause a lot of bills and a lot of debt, and it is hard to deal with something that is not the fault of the victim. These needs can lead some people to panic, but it leads some smart people to a personal injury lawsuit.

North Carolina saw many million-dollar personal injury lawsuits

It is rare, but not impossible, for an injury to happen because someone else did not do their job. Untidy supermarkets and impeded stairways are prime territories for slip-and-fall accidents, which can cause more serious injury than originally appears.

Workers' compensation fought with extreme measures by an insurer

Many workers spend all of each day concerned for their safety. Construction workers, emergency service personnel and other people in dangerous professions face larger hazards than office workers or delivery people. More than half of workers' compensation money in the United States annually goes to members of the top five most dangerous industries.

North Carolina sees $38 million in settlements in 2017

People can get hurt in all sorts of accidents, from slipping and falling at a supermarket to suffering an injury at work. Although roads and other public property are the sites of many accidents that cause injuries, private property owners and managers of businesses are always trying to keep pathways clear and hazards under control.


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