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Presenting a defense against charges of violent crimes

All criminal charges are serious, but felony charges involving violent crimes can come with some of the harshest penalties in the case of a conviction. While a criminal defense attorney can help any defendant better navigate the North Carolina justice system, legal representation is absolutely critical for those facing charges of murder, manslaughter or assault.

Lincolnton, North Carolina police nab man wanted on gun charges

On Dec. 27, police in Lincolnton, North Carolina, announced that they had captured a man who was wanted on federal weapons charges. The Lincolnton, North Carolina, police chief said that his department received a call earlier that afternoon from a woman claiming that a man was attempting to break into her home. Officers responded quickly and were attracted by sound to someone running through a nearby wooded area. A brief foot chase ensued, which resulted in the arrest of a 49-year-old man whom police say has a prior criminal history that includes four felonies.

Embezzlement Charges: When to Worry, When not to Worry

The first thing we want to say here is that you should always take criminal charges seriously. In other words, you should always worry when facing any kind of severe criminal charges. However, when dealing with white collar crimes like embezzlement, cooler heads will typically win the day, especially with the support of a solid defense team.

How can I build a solid defense against theft charges?

It's important to understand up front that the best path to defend oneself against criminal charges like theft lies in the elements of each individual case. In other words, it's likely impossible to simply fabricate a defense with material not present in the facts of your case. Criminal defense attorneys know how to examine these facts as well as the police investigation and the arrest to determine the most appropriate way to proceed.

Woman arrested for theft of dog belonging to sheriff's deputy

Sometimes, criminal charges appear cut and dried, but other times extenuating circumstances can blur the lines between right and wrong in some people's eyes. For instance, what would you do if you saw a living creature in distress? Would you consider breaking the law and dealing with the legal consequences later in order to protect and preserve its life? When you add to this equation the possibility that depending on the circumstances, taking action to protect life might not actually be wrong and you can see how murky some legal waters can become.

Man facing murder charge pleads guilty to other crimes

In the wake of serious criminal charges, accused individuals may feel the weight of the world on their shoulders -- although they do have legal options to pursue, including potential plea deals with officials. The North Carolina man who is accused of the murder of a State Trooper has recently pleaded guilty to other charges, including burglary, kidnapping and common law robbery. The murder charge is separate from the other criminal activity. The man will have to face a separate court proceeding for the unnecessary death of the police officer, but he has agreed to plead guilty in both cases.

Man subdued by police charged after police shoot bystanders

A man who ostensibly attempted to commit suicide by throwing himself into oncoming traffic in New York’s Times Square will be charged with a crime. According to an ABA Journal.com report, NYPD officers opened fire on the man because they feared that he was reaching for a gun when he put his hands in his pockets (as opposed to putting them in the air) when the officers confronted him.

Two men face criminal charges in restaurant robbery

Two men who allegedly robbed a North Carolina seafood restaurant were taken into police custody shortly after the incident in a car dealer's parking lot. Media sources report that off-duty officers responded to the robbery call that was received on Saturday, Nov. 16 around midnight. Sources say that the men are now facing multiple criminal charges in connection with the case.

Congressman charged after drug sting

Legislators, like law enforcement officers, are inherently held to a higher standard when it comes to adhering to the laws that we all live by. When a congressman is charged with a crime, it is not only a political scandal, it probably reduces peoples’ confidence in congressional leadership.

Chris Brown arrested and faces criminal charges

Tabloid news outlets are buzzing after Chris Brown’s latest arrest. The R&B singer was arrested over the weekend in Washington, D.C. According to a number of media reports, Brown and one of his bodyguards allegedly assaulted a photographer who tried to snap a photo as Brown was exiting a hotel in downtown D.C.


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