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13 North Carolina officers arrested in drug trafficking sting

Those who are in a position of authority within the community have the responsibility to act accordingly and demonstrate the behavior they would wish their fellow citizens to show. However, this can sometimes cause the general public to put public servants such as police officers, firefighters or government officials, and forget that they too are human. When these citizens end up being brought up on criminal charges, news media outlets often run with the stories, seemingly forgetting that all defendants are innocent until proven guilty.

Is a plea bargain a good idea for your case?

Plea bargains can be a good defense strategy for some defendants who want to avoid going to trial. There are many benefits to a plea bargain, but they are not the best option for every case. Understanding when plea bargains may be an option and the possible downsides can help you make an informed decision about how you want to proceed with your case.

What are common drug possession defense strategies?

Just the same as other states, there are people in North Carolina who are charged with drug possession and/or similar crimes. As scary as this may be, it is important to remember one thing: there are a variety of drug possession defense strategies to consider. By taking the right approach, you or your loved one may be able to avoid serious punishment.

Presenting a defense against charges of violent crimes

All criminal charges are serious, but felony charges involving violent crimes can come with some of the harshest penalties in the case of a conviction. While a criminal defense attorney can help any defendant better navigate the North Carolina justice system, legal representation is absolutely critical for those facing charges of murder, manslaughter or assault.

How do the courts decide whether to grant an appeal?

Defendants in North Carolina who have been convicted of a crime have the right to appeal the verdict if they believe that there was an error made during the course of the trial that affected the verdict. While appealing can be a beneficial move for many defendants, it is not possible or warranted in all cases. Understanding how the appellate courts decide whether to grant or deny a defendant's appeal is an important part of the criminal defense process.

Lincolnton, North Carolina police nab man wanted on gun charges

On Dec. 27, police in Lincolnton, North Carolina, announced that they had captured a man who was wanted on federal weapons charges. The Lincolnton, North Carolina, police chief said that his department received a call earlier that afternoon from a woman claiming that a man was attempting to break into her home. Officers responded quickly and were attracted by sound to someone running through a nearby wooded area. A brief foot chase ensued, which resulted in the arrest of a 49-year-old man whom police say has a prior criminal history that includes four felonies.

Embezzlement Charges: When to Worry, When not to Worry

The first thing we want to say here is that you should always take criminal charges seriously. In other words, you should always worry when facing any kind of severe criminal charges. However, when dealing with white collar crimes like embezzlement, cooler heads will typically win the day, especially with the support of a solid defense team.

Judge overturns North Carolina man's drug convictions

An Arizona Superior Court judge has essentially erased the convictions of a North Carolina citizen. Reports say the defendant, who was arrested for allegedly transporting around 26 pounds of cocaine across state lines, was from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Throughout the case, there was apparently some disagreement about why the man was stopped in the first place, leading to a deeper investigation and the erasure of the 42-year-old man's convictions.

How can I build a solid defense against theft charges?

It's important to understand up front that the best path to defend oneself against criminal charges like theft lies in the elements of each individual case. In other words, it's likely impossible to simply fabricate a defense with material not present in the facts of your case. Criminal defense attorneys know how to examine these facts as well as the police investigation and the arrest to determine the most appropriate way to proceed.

Officials net 17 convictions in prescription drugs sting

In the aftermath of a law enforcement sting called Operation Pill Crusher, 17 North Carolina residents received convictions last week. Reportedly, the operation was conducted over a months-long period that originally netted more than 80 arrests. The 17 defendants convicted last week each made a plea of guilty to the drug charges. No further information was provided about the rest of the people the police originally arrested.


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